our Story

Hello, Beautiful

Welcome to Indelible Beauty Shop my name is Lola Boyce I am the owner and founder of this amazing company. I started this company from the ground up with no experience with makeup, no following base and no idea how to start a business . My passion for makeup started in 2017 when I first started to play with makeup I was not aware of the power of makeup and how beautiful it can make one feel. I am a survivor of physical, mental and sexual abuse so feeling beautiful and confident was not something I ever experience. Once I started to use makeup I became addicted to everything beauty related and also became addicted to how I felt about myself. I wanted to help others to feel beautiful and confident as well so I decided to open my own online beauty store with products I loved. I connected with a few vendors that you see today in my store Gelden , Adara , and Kj Beauty with there help I collected their top selling beauty products . I loved all their products and starting sharing the word to the public via Facebook Live, Facebook post, Snapchat, Instagram …. and offering their products for a very affordable price. It didn’t take long for the public to fall in love with the products that my shop held . I worked everyday for 2 years straight night and day to grow my network and share the love I have for Adara, Gelden ,and KJ Beauty Products, but there was something more that I wanted to accomplish something way bigger then me. I pushed myself to save and invest all my money to create my very own makeup line and call it Indelible Beauty. Indelible Beauty has wide range of products and many coming soon I spend everyday trying new ingredients and customize all my products for you. All of our products are hand made, cruelty free, and very affordable. My line just launch in July 2019 so my story is really just starting but I am so blessed to have each one of you part of my journey thank you for supporting my small business.