Become a Distributor

Ever thought about opening your own online beauty store but don’t know were to start or what products to hold join Indelible Beauty and get free online training and access to beauty our vendors. When becoming a distributor you get access to a members only discount code that drops retail prices down. As a member you get the biggest discount on every product we hold and you resale the makeup for retail price to your customers. Our membership commission starts at 50% to get you a good start in your business. After this your commission is base on how much makeup you purchase with your member discount code. Our commission ranges from 35%-58% the more you buy the bigger the discount is and the higher your profit becomes. Everything is explain in our online training where we help you every step of the way! We keep you in training until your ready to officially join Indelible Beauty Business group where you get to meet all other distributors from all over the world. In this group we help and encourage each other to stay motivated and merge all ideas related to new products, events , or changes. We are a very close connected network and I guarantee you will make tons of friends and learn new things everyday to help you business grow.

Online Training Includes

  • How to set up your business

  • How to open a PayPal or Stripe business account for free

  • Setting up your Store online / Website building skills

  • How to gain followers and customers

  • How to send invoices via email

  • How to advertise and market using videos, pictures, or social media post

  • How to go live on Facebook to do live sales or makeup looks

  • How to keep yourself active and motivated

  • How to ship products to your customer

  • How to sell your products effectively and efficiently

  • How to make your very own logo

  • Information on tools to help you file your taxes at the end of the year

    Training really never ends any updates on new systems or changes we always provide you training. If you have any questions during your stay with indelible we have leads and pre-leads available to give you hands on training and waiting to assist you and walk you through anything that is needed.

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NOTE : If memberships are sold out this means we are at this moment not taking any new reps. We try to hire every other month to get updates on our next hiring event and when class would start join this group on Facebook copy and paste link …..