Indelible Beauty Shop

Just be yourself. Let people see the real imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird, beautiful self.....Nothing makes a Women more Beautiful then the belief that she is beautiful .
— Anonymous

The Idea


My name is Lola Boyce and I am the owner and founder of Indelible Beauty Shop.I have always been so fascinated by makeup, beauty, and body art. I knew that my dream job would be related to this, But I also knew that no one was just gonna come and provide me that career. I had a big dream and I wasn't gonna let anything stop me from getting it. I wanted to create a beauty store where one can get good quality makeup without breaking the bank. After searching long and far I have paired up with two companies and decided to open Indelible Beauty Shop. I wanted to change the game of makeup, I wanted customers to be amazed of the quality, and feel like they saved tons of money ordering through Indelible Beauty Shop. I absolutely believe in my products I hold and I am always looking for new makeup to add to the store. I Know you won't be disappointed I strive to always bring the best quality makeup and best customer service to you. Thank you 

Style & Quality

Indelible Beauty shop has paired up with two companies and we only carry these two companies products in store. Gbasics is our first company they have been around since 1965 it is a family own business. They don't test on animals and they hold some great products with a lot of natural ingredients. Gbasics has been with Indelible Beauty Shop since Feb 2017. Next we have Adara Paris has been around since early 1980 they don't test on animals and also family owned as well. They hold more makeup with fun colorful bold colors. They have been with Indelible Shop  since Oct 2017 and always adding new makeup to the line. I truly believe in all the products I hold and customers have been going crazy for them!!!! Don't miss out :)